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€115.00 - €150.00


The Camaïeu umbrella by H2O Parapluies

The Camaïeu umbrella is an umbrella from a range based on color games. Do you have a favorite color? Your umbrella will be available around it, playing with the tones of the shade you prefer.

Wear your colors high, with the Camaïeu H2O Parapluies

For a colorful style, the H2O Parapluies Camïeu umbrella adapts to you by choosing its range of colors on its tips. An association of colors that allows beauty, sobriety and elegance.

A quality umbrella with a nuanced style

Made in France, in the heart of Normandy in the H2O Parapluies. In addition, the H2O Parapluies Camaïeu umbrella is designed on the basis of a succession of tips of similar color tones, assembled with care. Brighten up the rainy days and show off yours colors with the H2O Parapluies Camaïeu umbrella of your choice.

An original French umbrella

By choosing this range of umbrellas, you get an original model, made in Normandy, made in one of the last umbrella manufacturers in France. H2O Parapluies has been a French umbrella manufacturer for over 25 years and has unique traditional know-how in the field.