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The French limited edition umbrella from H2O Umbrellas

The H2O ephemeral umbrella is an original umbrella produced in limited series and manufactured in Normandy. Modern and original, these umbrellas from the limited edition collection will delight lovers of unique and rare products. Perfect for standing out from the crowd, the limited edition collection offers a multitude of umbrella models ranging from mini umbrellas to golf umbrellas to long umbrellas. Available in a variety of designs, you're bound to find the perfect umbrella for you. Ideal for those with an original look, these umbrellas will bring a touch of fun to rainy days. To complete your style, don't hesitate to opt for the H2O umbrella case to protect your French umbrella from dust and UV rays. With a shoulder strap, our umbrella cases can be carried over the shoulder for a space-saving transport of the umbrella.

A printed umbrella with original designs

For a unique style, H2O umbrellas' limited edition collection follows the trends and imagination of its creators according to their desires and ideas. The quality of these French umbrellas is guaranteed for life by H2O Parapluies, which puts all its soul and know-how into making luxury items. In addition, H2O Parapluies' limited edition umbrellas are designed in small numbers for exclusivity, with an ever-changing print pattern for a unique style. Make rainy days a joy and stand out with the ephemeral umbrellas from the H2O Umbrellas collection.

A customisable high-end umbrella

Are you looking for a luxury customisable umbrella? Look no further and dare to wear the limited edition H2O Umbrellas collection. As a gift or for a special purchase, the customisable men's or women's umbrella will satisfy you. Add a personal touch to your personalised umbrella with elegant embroidery. Choose the writing of your choice: first name, last name, nickname, initials. To ensure the harmony of the canvas, we recommend that you match the embroidery to the colours of the fabric. For a more discreet but still elegant look, you can also opt for a tone on tone colour. To make your umbrella even more unique, choose an original handle: sculpted handle, bamboo handle, braided handle, leather handle... So many options for an umbrella that looks like you!

An umbrella made in France

H2O Parapluies is a manufacturer of quality handmade umbrellas since 1994. If you are looking for a handmade umbrella, H2O Parapluies is for you. All H2O Parapluies umbrellas are made in the production workshop located in Crépon between Bayeux and Caen, where they are made according to original models designed on site. H2O Parapluies' top-of-the-range umbrellas are handmade and made with noble raw materials for an elegant result and a finished product of impeccable quality. This know-how has been recognised and appreciated by our customers for many years. Finally, our limited edition collection is guaranteed for life, a proof of the quality of the work done by our craftsmen.