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The Passvent umbrella by H2O Parapluies

The Passvent umbrella was born in Normandy, inspired by the Normandy winter storms and heavy rains.

A sturdy but stylish umbrella

Thanks to a unique and innovative design, the wind passes through the tulle placed at the bottom of the umbrella allowing optimal air circulation and minimizing wind resistance and the risk of overturning. Plus, the high-quality fabric allows water to glide and bead off your umbrella during the shower. It is offered in a long format to brave the elements.

A beautiful and quality umbrella

H2O Parapluies offers an umbrella bag model with a shoulder strap so that your umbrella will be both protected and easier to carry with you since you can simply carry it over your shoulder.

The French umbrella H2O

It is a useful and beautiful object. It has been thought out, designed and manufactured in one of the last factories for more than 25 years. To withstand all the rains in the world, your Passvent H2O umbrella is entirely handmade and guaranteed for life.