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€92.00 - €150.00


The Petits Noeuds umbrella by H2O Parapluies

The Petits Noeuds umbrella has small bow ties arranged on the base of your umbrella. Folded and assembled by hand, these delicate fabric bow ties give an elegant and refined note to the umbrella. This umbrella is available in a long format and in a folding format to follow you on all occasions.

An umbrella just for Ladies !

Umbrella acclaimed by women, the umbrella of the "Petits Noeuds" series by H2O Parapluies has chosen to display a delicate decorative touch with this set of small bow ties of fabric.

An umbrella of quality and style

The umbrellas in the "Petits Nœuds" range are designed and drawn in France, assembled by hand in the heart of Normandy in the H2O Parapluies workshop in Crépon, the small fabric bow ties are sewn by hand. Face the rainy days with a little extra, an umbrella from the Petits Nœuds H2O Parapluies range.

An umbrella made in France

The H2O "Petits Nœuds" range of umbrellas is entirely made and sewn by hand in France, in the Normandy workshop in Crépon. In this way your Petits Nœuds umbrella is the pinnacle of the most meticulous and refined French craftsmanship.