Long umbrella - turquoise flowers

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This top-of-the-range umbrella has a canvas dotted with pretty turquoise flowers. A flashy pink stripe enhances the aesthetics of the long manual umbrella. The polyester canvas is held in place by a sturdy frame of 8 hardened steel ribs and a wooden shaft.

The umbrella has a curved wooden handle with a gold ring varnish. The handle provides comfort while holding the classic umbrella and allows it to be hung on an arm or coat rack.

With a diameter of 100 cm and a height of 90 cm when folded, this quality umbrella will provide perfect shelter from the rain. The umbrella weighs about 500 grams and can be easily carried around. Carrying the umbrella is easy with the dual function sheaths designed and marketed by your umbrella manufacturer.

Equipped with shoulder straps, they make it easy to carry the made in France umbrella and protect it from dust.

Diameter : 100 cm
Folded umbrella height : 90 cm
Weight : Environ 500 gr
Opening type : Manuelle
Number of ribs : 8
Ribs type : Hardened steel
Mast type : Bois
Fabric type : Polyester
Handle type : Bois
Personnaliser votre parapluie
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Shipment : daily, Tuesday to Friday, for all orders placed before 10am

LIVRAISON GRATUITE|Dès 250€ d’achat*
LIVRAISON GRATUITE Dès 250€ d’achat*

A handmade French umbrella

This unique umbrella was made in France in our workshop-boutique located in Crépon. It has been designed to characterise French refinement in all its grandeur. Like all H2O Umbrellas products, this quality umbrella is the result of handmade production.

This is an area in which the umbrella manufacturer has excelled since 1994. After careful production, the delivery of your umbrella is also taken care of to the last detail. It is packaged in a quality package that is tailored to its size. The purchase of this French umbrella also gives you a lifetime guarantee.

Personalise your top of the range umbrella

The umbrella manufacturer can personalise your umbrella. We can embroider your name or initials on the canvas of the long umbrella. Choose your favourite colours and let us guide you to achieve the best possible personalisation.

In the end, you will have a unique and brighter umbrella. For communication around the brand image of a company or one of its products, this made in France umbrella can serve as a gadget. We can indeed personalise the quality umbrella on behalf of structures.

  • Signed shipping|in qualitative packaging

    We take great care of your H2O umbrella when preparing your package for shipping from our workshop in Crepon, so that you will receive your umbrella in packaging chosen specifically for its size for better protection.

  • Protect your umbrella

    We recommend that you complete your basket by purchasing a sleeve to protect your umbrella from dust and UV rays. Our sleeves are fitted with shoulder straps that will allow you to walk around in complete freedom.

  • Make your umbrella unique

    Whether it is your name or your initials, the embroidery will sublimate your umbrella. We advise you to match your embroidery with the color of the bias for a harmonious rendering or a tone-on-tone color for a discreet rendering. If you wish, we can even choose the color for you.

  • sécurisez votre parapluie


Nous vous recommandons de compléter votre panier par l’achat d’un fourreau afin de protéger votre parapluie de la poussière et des UV. Nos fourreaux sont munis de bandoulières qui vous permettrons de vous promener en toute liberté.

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