Folding umbrellas

Women's folding umbrella by H2O Parapluies

Looking for a top-of-the-range folding umbrella for women? Opt for a handmade product, produced in France through the unique expertise of H2O Parapluies. The women's folding umbrella by H2O Parapluies combines subtlety, elegance and practicality to form a fashion accessory that is both robust and refined. The women's folding umbrella becomes a true companion on rainy days, adding a touch of sophistication to every outfit. To demonstrate the durability and strength of its products, H2O Parapluies offers a lifetime guarantee on all its creations. So don't hesitate and treat yourself to a sublime luxury folding umbrella from French craftsmanship.

Folding umbrellas made in France

Each women's folding umbrella benefits from the expertise of craftsmen dedicated to designing exceptional products. All the French manufacturer's products are made in one of the last umbrella factories in France, in Crépon, Normandy. The H2O parapluies workshop-boutique is open to visitors. You can watch our talented seamstresses at work, designing women's folding umbrellas down to the last detail. When you buy a women's folding umbrella from H2O Parapluies, you can be sure of a durable, reliable product. With this in mind, the French manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on all its creations, whether a folding umbrella for men, women or children.

Personalize your folding umbrella

H2O Parapluies is all about personalization, giving every woman the opportunity to create a unique folding umbrella that reflects her personality. Wooden handle, resin handle or even a leather handle: choose the handle that suits you best for your folding umbrella. With H2O Parapluies, get a one-of-a-kind women's folding umbrella by embroidering your name, surname or initials directly onto the canvas of your luxury umbrella. By personalizing your H2O umbrella with accessory modifications, you'll have access to a high-quality, durable folding umbrella that's totally your own.

Top-of-the-range folding umbrellas for every woman

Whether you like black, red, white, beige or another color for the canvas of your folding umbrella, at H2O Parapluies, you're sure to find the women's folding umbrella that's just right for you. From the handle and opening mechanism to the ribs and canopy: each women's folding umbrella is handcrafted down to the smallest detail. From plain folding umbrellas to multicolored folding umbrellas, with H2O Parapluies, every woman will find the product to suit her desires. So go ahead and buy a top-of-the-range umbrella from one of the last French manufacturers.

Luxury folding umbrellas for women: practical and chic

With top-of-the-range quality, H2O Parapluies women's folding umbrellas stand out for their elegance and durability, offering every woman a sophisticated fashion accessory to protect herself from the elements in style. Whether it's for a day out on the town or a special evening out, women's luxury folding umbrellas are the must-have accessory for women who care about their appearance. The French brand's umbrellas, all designed in the Crépon workshop-boutique, are high quality products with exceptional durability. With this in mind, H2O Parapluies offers a lifetime warranty on all its creations.

French women's umbrellas with automatic or manual mechanism

With automatic or manual opening systems, H2O Parapluies' French umbrellas for women offer a variety of styles to suit every preference. H2O folding umbrellas feature an automatic opening mechanism for fast, efficient deployment. A folding umbrella is stronger than a mini umbrella. It won't necessarily fit in your jeans pocket, but it'll store easily in your handbag. With H2O Parapluies, take advantage of a wide range of possibilities to find the luxury women's umbrella of your dreams. Whatever your final choice, you'll have a top-of-the-range Made in France umbrella.

A wide choice of women's folding umbrellas at H2O Parapluies

Whether you're looking for a red, black, white or beige folding umbrella: the H2O Parapluies collection of women's folding umbrellas offers a range of colors, patterns and designs to suit every woman's style and personality. H2O folding umbrellas are true fashion accessories for all women seeking protection from the weather. Choosing a women's folding umbrella from H2O Parapluies ensures you'll benefit from a hard-wearing umbrella that's both practical and chic. All the French brand's folding umbrellas come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure of the high quality of our products.

Save French know-how in the manufacture of women's folding umbrellas

Each folding umbrella is carefully designed, reflecting the charm and elegance of French manufacturing. The know-how employed by H2O Parapluies has earned the brand Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) status. H2O Parapluies offers a lifetime guarantee on all its French-made umbrellas, as part of its commitment to eco-responsibility. By choosing an H2O Parapluies women's folding umbrella, you're helping to preserve French know-how at the heart of every umbrella.

Fast delivery of your women's folding umbrella

H2O Parapluies attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, offering fast, careful delivery for every French umbrella ordered. If you choose to have your umbrella delivered directly to your home, you have two choices. The first is standard delivery via Colissimo, which will deliver your folding umbrella in three or four days. The second is express delivery with DHL. Your folding umbrella will arrive in one or two days. Please note that if your folding umbrella is customized, it will take longer to ship.

H2O Parapluies, a French manufacturer recognized as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company)

H2O Parapluies is distinguished by its status as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV), a prestigious distinction that rewards the excellence of its French know-how. When you buy a French folding umbrella from H2O Parapluies, you're helping and supporting the preservation of dying craftsmanship. With each women's folding umbrella, the French brand demonstrates its commitment to tradition, quality and product durability. H2O Parapluies offers a lifetime guarantee on all its top-of-the-range umbrellas, so go ahead and treat yourself to the folding umbrella of your dreams!