Mini umbrellas

The mini umbrella for women H2O Parapluies

Are you looking for a high quality mini umbrella for women? H2O Parapluies offers a range of mini umbrellas for women, combining elegance and lightness. These pocket umbrellas, compact and lightweight, are perfect for accompanying urban women on their daily trips. Handmade in Normandy, with high quality materials, they demonstrate exceptional French artisanal know-how. Featuring a variety of colors and patterns, each mini umbrella is customizable, allowing every woman to find the model that suits her. Mini umbrellas for women from the French brand H2O Parapluies are not only essential fashion accessories, but also precious allies to protect yourself from the rain with elegance.

Find the women's mini umbrella of your dreams at H2O Parapluies

With H2O Parapluies, discover a rich and varied range of mini French umbrellas. Whether you are looking for an elegant folding model to accompany your sophisticated outfits or a colorful umbrella to brighten up rainy days, the H2O Parapluies collection will satisfy all tastes. From red, white, beige to black, including an original pattern or print, all the mini umbrellas are designed to meet your desires. Thanks to the possible personalization with embroidery of your name, first name or initials and leather sheath you can make your mini folding umbrella unique. Discover French excellence combining aesthetics and functionality, for high-end umbrellas that will delight you in all circumstances.

Mini umbrellas for women made in France

Are you looking for a durable mini umbrella for women made in France? The various products from the French manufacturer H2O Parapluies are made in one of the last umbrella factories in France, in Crépon, in Calvados. The brand's experienced seamstresses are responsible for making mini folding umbrellas. Compact and lightweight, the mini pocket umbrella also called micro umbrella is the perfect accessory for active women always ready to face the rain with peace of mind. Opting for a product from H2O Parapluies gives you the assurance of French excellence. You will be able to proudly display your unique mini folding umbrella for women in complete elegance.

A mini umbrella for all women

H2O Parapluies makes mini umbrellas that can suit all women. Whatever color (black, red, white, beige, etc.) you prefer, the French umbrella manufacturer offers a wide choice of colors for its mini umbrellas. You are sure to find the micro umbrella that meets your expectations. To prove that each mini umbrella is resistant and eco-responsible, H2O Parapluies offers a lifetime guarantee for all of its creations. Made with the greatest care in France by experienced seamstresses, the mini umbrellas adapt to all personalities. Treat yourself by buying a mini French umbrella that suits you. Your umbrella will accompany you worry-free on all your adventures.

Luxury mini umbrellas for women made in France

If you are looking for a luxury umbrella useful in everyday life, the mini French folding umbrella for women from H2O Parapluies is the ideal accessory for active women. Each mini umbrella is the result of several hours of work as well as exceptional French know-how, highlighting the different premium quality materials used. All of the brand's products are designed by hand in its Normandy workshop located near Caen. By investing in a mini pocket umbrella guaranteed for life made by H2O Parapluies, you support high-end French craftsmanship and fight against export consumerism. Currently, 1 billion umbrellas are destroyed around the world.

A manual opening and closing mechanism for your mini umbrella

Opt for simplicity and elegance with a mini folding umbrella for women equipped with a manual opening and closing system from the H2O Parapluies manufacturer. Designed to be easy to use, this mechanism will allow you to deploy your micro umbrella smoothly during unexpected downpours. In addition, its manual closure guarantees quick and easy storage once protected. Combined with a refined design, the mini pocket umbrella is the perfect accessory for active women. The French manufacturer guarantees all of its umbrellas for life, so trust French excellence to add a touch of charm to your rainy days with a mini umbrella from H2O.

The design of high-end mini umbrellas for women: expertise in decline

The design of high-end mini umbrellas for women embodies expertise in decline, which H2O Parapluies preserves with passion. Each manufacturing stage is carried out with care in the workshop-boutique in Crépon, in Normandy, where the seamstresses from H2O Parapluies demonstrate their artisanal expertise. The meticulous choice of materials, the finesse of the finishes and the attention paid to the smallest details make the mini umbrellas from the French brand unique and exceptional pieces. By choosing the elegance and quality of H2O creations, you become an actor in the conservation of rare French know-how, thus perpetuating the legacy of excellent craftsmanship for future generations.

The mini umbrella for women: practical and chic

The mini folding umbrella for women from H2O Parapluies perfectly combines practicality and elegance, making it an essential fashion accessory. Compact and lightweight, it is the ideal companion for urban women who regularly travel on foot or by metro. Easy to store in a handbag or backpack, it deploys in an instant with its manual opening mechanism. Chic and refined, the mini umbrella adds a touch of sophistication to all your outfits. Made with the greatest care in France, the H2O micro umbrella is the symbol of exceptional craftsmanship, offering every woman the protection and elegance she needs in all circumstances.

H2O Parapluies, a company recognized as EPV for its high-end umbrellas

H2O Parapluies is a prestigious company proudly recognized as a Living Heritage Company (EPV) for its high-end umbrellas. This noble distinction demonstrates the brand's commitment to French excellence as well as to the preservation of fantastic artisanal know-how. The women's mini umbrellas designed with passion and attention to detail in the Crépon workshop reflect H2O Parapluies' dedication to offering products of incomparable quality. Investing in a French umbrella from the brand is a civic act in supporting local craftsmanship and preserving French know-how in decline.

Manufacturer of umbrellas labeled artisan of art and “made in France

H2O Parapluies is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-end French umbrellas. To date, all the umbrellas produced by the Normandy factory are 50% to more than 80% French-made (raw materials and labor). The objective of H2O Parapluies is to produce 100% umbrellas in the coming years.

Fast and careful delivery of your mini umbrella for women

H2O Parapluies attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, which is why the French brand provides fast and careful delivery of your mini umbrella for women. You will have the choice between express delivery with DHL (1 to 2 days) or classic delivery with Colissimo (1 to 2 days). Once your order has been placed, the H2O Parapluies teams will do everything possible to prepare your package with the greatest care and as quickly as possible. If you have chosen to personalize your micro umbrella, shipping of the latter will be carried out during the day if the order is placed before 11 a.m.