CSR policy

  • Portrait of Yves-Charles Boccassini
    In my professional experience, learning has been a significant experience. It was my grandfather and my parents who passed on to me the value of a job well done. Our various labels attest to our demand for excellence on a daily basis. Running a business also carries an element of responsibility. The business manager must generate income for the proper functioning of his business, but the most important resource for H2o Parapluies is our excellent know-how, passed down for several generations, and therefore our human capital. And this is what I want to put back at the center of our activity: the human and “the intelligence of the hand”.
    This is why I am very attached to our social impact first of all and then of course environmental. So today even more, it’s about engaging ourselves (our team, partners, customers, etc.) in projects serving our future! We are a small business, a very small company, a bit like the hummingbird in the famous fable. And as Gandhi's phrase “You must be the change you want to see in this world” accompanies me every day, we do not wait for regulations to engage in actions to improve our social impact and our ecological impact.
    We are not subject to the same obligations as large companies but we do our part... Even if we are an artisanal workshop, I want to set an example, to inspire my suppliers, to my colleagues to commit collectively and make our customers proud... and I am certain that together, we will change the world of umbrellas!
    Yves Charles Boccassini
  • H2O Umbrellas and sustainable development
    H2O Parapluies, a French and Norman company manufacturing high-end umbrellas, is part of a progressive approach to sustainable development and social and environmental responsibility. For H2O Parapluies, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, CSR is not an option, but a responsibility. If we are small, with our Norman identity and for our international clientele, we can also want to become exemplary!
    Our first commitment is to the longevity of our products. Choosing quality materials and implementing artisanal know-how allows us to offer you umbrellas that will last over time. Our wish is that they accompany every moment of your life! And because accidents are possible, we guarantee our umbrellas for life. We pay particular attention to the society in which we live.
    First of all, the women and men, in their diversity, who contribute to creating value with us in our territory. We are proud to be established in the village of Crépon and to invite our customers to come. This is why we are committed to continuing our efforts and continually improving our CSR performance. By choosing H2O Parapluies, you are choosing a responsible and committed company. 
  • Our vision for the world of umbrellas
    Although committed, we are aware that change cannot be done alone. The umbrella sector, often associated with mass production and the use of unsustainable materials, must today face its responsibilities.
    The umbrella is an essential everyday object, used by millions of people around the world. In France, each year, 15 million umbrellas, of low quality and very cheap, which have become “disposable” products, end up, in the best case scenario, in the trash. There is currently no recovery or recycling sector.
    H2O Parapluies contributes to moving the lines and mobilizing players in the sector. We are convinced that CSR is not an option, but a necessity to ensure the sustainability of our activity, meet the expectations of today's consumers, and be proud of what we pass on to our children. It is up to us, umbrella manufacturers, to fight against the overproduction of poor quality umbrellas, this “fast fashion” which has a disastrous impact in terms of greenhouse gas production and impact on climate change.
    Today, almost all umbrellas come from China. We, producers of French umbrellas, must mobilize to reintegrate this know-how into France. And for this we must cooperate. H2O Parapluies is committed to this transformation. We hope our commitment will inspire other companies to follow us and contribute to a more sustainable future for the umbrella sector.
  • Working towards a positive social impact
    H2O Parapluies uses specialized structures to involve people with disabilities, particularly during the assembly stage. In this way, we contribute to the inclusion of workers far from employment.
    H2O Parapluies also supports gender equality since average salaries are equal between women and men, in equivalent positions. Our social role is what particularly drives us. Thus, the positions offered and skills mobilized allow us to integrate young people and seniors into our workforce, some of whom are undergoing professional retraining. We also occasionally welcome young people on apprenticeship contracts.
  • Limit our negative impacts on the environment
    In terms of responsible digital, we have chosen O2switch, for hosting our website server.
    We have implemented selective sorting of waste. The different parts of the umbrella have complicated management as waste: 5 to 6 components pose a problem and cannot be recycled (the components are separated into 6 bins). Every 2 months, we go to the recycling center.
    For the moment, we have implemented the reuse of umbrella ribs for the repairs that we offer to our customers. For remote orders, we send our umbrellas packaged in a reusable box.
    We are committed to contributing to the development of territorial ecosystems and reducing the impact of transport. We carry out:
    • between 5 to 10% of our purchases from suppliers and service providers located less than 300 km away, and more precisely in Normandy
    • between 5 to 10% from suppliers and service providers located in France,
    • 50 to 60% from suppliers and service providers located in Europe (mainly Italy and Germany).
  • Sharing of value and power
    At H2O Parapluies, we consult our stakeholders regularly. The process is not yet formalized but it exists in our daily mode of operation. Given the artisanal nature and know-how that we hold, employee training plays an important role at H2O Parapluies. Between 30 to 60% of our employees have followed non-CPF training over the last 3 years. More than 75% of employees are on permanent contracts, H2O Parapluies favors permanent contracts to offer security and stability to our employees. We are implementing a policy to improve the Quality of Life at Work. For example, we carried out risk prevention work (work accidents and occupational diseases) with CARSAT by fitting out certain workstations with knee controls.
  • Positive impact strategy
    Did you know ? To contribute to the social and ecological transition, companies must surround themselves with other companies that are themselves committed, to contribute to the impact economy ecosystem.
    Any company can choose its value chain based on extra-financial criteria, and this is a strong choice. This is why companies that seek to work as a priority with certified suppliers and service providers must be valued. But be careful, not all labels are equal, and you have to choose the most serious and demanding labels! (sources Impact Score)
    At H2O Parapluies, we carry out part of our service purchases from suitable companies. We have also chosen to work with companies that are committed to our packaging boxes, our website, etc.
  • A common adventure
    We are aware that we still have a lot to accomplish, and we invite you to experience this adventure together!
    Come discover our workshop, our products, our teams in Crépon in Calvados, and exchange with us!