Women's umbrella by H2O Umbrellas

Are you looking for the umbrella of your dreams? Thanks to its eminently couture spirit, unparalleled know-how and creativity, H2O Parapluies offers a wide variety of women's umbrellas to suit every woman's style. The French umbrellas H2O Parapluies will accompany you everywhere. From the smallest umbrella to the largest golf umbrella, H2O's top of the range umbrellas will satisfy you in every way. Manufactured in one of the last high-end umbrella factories in France, H2O luxury umbrellas are all customizable. Treat yourself to a unique umbrella by customising your French H2O umbrella. Depending on your wishes, you can select your umbrella handle and ask for a custom embroidery. Embroidering your initials or your first name on your top of the range umbrella will allow you to acquire a unique umbrella that only you will have.

A stylish and elegant umbrella for women

In addition to its refinement, the women's umbrella by H2O Parapluies is entirely made in France, in the heart of Normandy in the workshop-boutique of Crépon in Calvados. Each top-of-the-range H2O umbrella is the result of the work of experienced craftsmen and a unique know-how in France. The quality of the finish and the high level of quality are assured by their skills and their experience as seamstresses. Buying an H2O French umbrella will allow you to face rainy days in style. All the luxury women's umbrellas have been designed to be both practical and stylish. A wide range of women's umbrellas are available in the H2O Umbrellas catalogue.

A range of elegant, original and stylish umbrellas for women

For every woman, H2O Umbrellas has developed numerous series of top-of-the-range umbrellas, from the most classic to the most original, in order to better emphasize each woman's own style. As an essential fashion accessory, a woman's umbrella must match the wearer's style and figure. The H2O French umbrella protects from the rain above all, but it is much more than that: through its finish, its colour, its details, it reveals the personality of the wearer: ultra-feminine, refined, discreet, fashionista, exuberant, etc. There is bound to be a luxury umbrella to suit every woman in the H2O Umbrellas shop. The different series and options available, including custom embroidery, allow for an infinite number of variations and maximum customisation. By personalising your H2O premium umbrella you can be sure to acquire a unique French umbrella.

An exceptional French umbrella for all women

With H2O women's umbrellas, you make the choice to have an exceptional French umbrella for many, many years. Guaranteed for life, the umbrellas of the French brand H2O Parapluies are all designed with durability in mind. H2O Parapluies has been creating and manufacturing its women's umbrellas for several decades. With a unique expertise and know-how in this field, H2O umbrellas are all made in France, in the Crépon workshop-boutique located next to the famous D-Day beaches. By choosing an H2O women's umbrella, you are choosing strong, lasting values.