A type of umbrella for every personality or every use

H2O Parapluies offers you many types of umbrellas, in different sizes so that you can find the model that best suits your personality, your profile but also the use you want to make of it.

What is the most suitable type of umbrella ?

Finding the ideal type of umbrella becomes easy with the wide choice offered by H2O Parapluies. From the largest, the golf umbrella that can accomodate up to 4 people at a time, to the smallest, the mini umbrella, compact and light, a whole range of umbrella sizes are available to you to let you choose the best type of umbrella, whichever is right for you.

Made in France, whatever the type of umbrella

Regardless of the size or model of umbrella chosen, each type H2O umbrella is entirely handcrafted in the Crépon workshop located in Normandy. In addition all umbrellas are guaranteed for life.