Umbrellas made in France

Finding the perfect umbrella has never been easier. H2O Umbrellas offers a wide range of luxury umbrellas in different sizes, shapes and colours to suit everyone's personality. From mini folding umbrellas to golf umbrellas, the H2O umbrella range is very diverse. Each umbrella is handcrafted by experienced seamstresses who specialise in the design of high end umbrellas. Without exception, the luxury umbrellas offered are of impeccable quality. Each umbrella can be personalised as a work of art. Umbrella handle, umbrella colour, leather umbrella sleeve, H2O Umbrellas does everything to satisfy its customers.

Manufacturer of high quality umbrellas

Made in France, in the heart of Normandy in the H2O Parapluies workshop in Crépon (Calvados), the high-end umbrella factory benefits from the know-how of experienced craftsmen. H2O's top-of-the-range umbrellas are designed with exceptional products. The wide range of umbrellas on offer enables H2O Parapluies to meet all the needs of its demanding customers. Men's umbrellas, women's umbrellas or children's umbrellas, H2O Umbrellas manufactures umbrellas for the whole family. From the small pocket umbrella to the luxurious English umbrella, H2O allows you to face rainy days with style and elegance.

Solid and refined umbrellas

The umbrella is an indispensable accessory for every person: it finishes the arm, completes the general look and must perfectly match the style of its owner. Whether technical, sporty, urban or classic, everyone will find their ideal French umbrella among the many top-of-the-range umbrellas offered by H2O Umbrellas. Depending on the use and needs of each person, you can choose the most appropriate umbrella for men or women. H2O umbrellas have been designed to withstand moderate winds. The Passvent anti-rollover umbrella is a unique umbrella concept developed by H2O Umbrellas. Both solid and elegant, the umbrellas of the French brand H2O Parapluies are designed with sustainability in mind. Indeed, all H2O umbrellas are guaranteed for life, which means that the brand's umbrellas are solid and of high quality.

An original umbrella with a lifetime guarantee

By choosing an H2O Parapluies umbrella, you get an original umbrella, made in Normandy, made in one of the last umbrella factories in France. H2O Parapluies has been manufacturing top-of-the-range umbrellas for several decades and has a unique expertise in the field of luxury umbrella design. The range of H2O umbrellas is very varied, allowing a wide choice of umbrellas: folding umbrella, long umbrella, English umbrella, mini umbrella, golf umbrella, etc. Each umbrella made by H2O Parapluies is guaranteed for life, which reflects the high quality of design of these many exceptional umbrellas. If you are looking for a handmade umbrella, H2O Umbrellas is for you.