French handmade umbrellas

Finding the perfect umbrella has never been easier. H2O Umbrellas offers a wide range of top-of-the-range umbrellas in different sizes, shapes and colours to suit everyone's personality (men, women and children). From the mini folding umbrella to the golf umbrella, the range of H2O umbrellas is very diverse. Each umbrella is handcrafted by experienced seamstresses who specialise in the design of high quality umbrellas. Without exception, the luxury umbrellas offered are of impeccable quality. Each umbrella can be personalised as a work of art. Umbrella handles, colour of the umbrella canvas, leather umbrella sheath, H2O Umbrellas does everything to satisfy its customers.

Manufacturer of high quality French umbrellas

Made in France, in the heart of Normandy in the H2O Umbrellas workshop in Crépon (Calvados), the high-end umbrella factory benefits from the know-how of experienced craftsmen. H2O's top-of-the-range umbrellas are designed with exceptional products. The wide range of umbrellas on offer enables H2O Umbrellas to meet all the needs of its demanding customers. Men's umbrellas, women's umbrellas or children's umbrellas, H2O Umbrellas manufactures French umbrellas for the whole family. From the small pocket umbrella to the luxurious English umbrella (a single piece of wood from the ground to the rough root handle), H2O allows you to face the rainy days with style and elegance.

Solid and refined umbrellas Made in France

The umbrella is an indispensable accessory for every person: it finishes the arm, completes the overall look and must perfectly match the style of its owner. Technical, sporty, urban or classic umbrellas, everyone will find their ideal French umbrella among the many top-of-the-range umbrellas offered by H2O umbrellas, from the colourful umbrella to the classic black umbrella. Depending on your use and needs, you can choose the most appropriate umbrella for men or women. H2O French umbrellas have been designed to withstand moderate winds. The Passvent anti-rollover umbrella is a unique umbrella concept developed by H2O Umbrellas. Both solid and elegant, the umbrellas of the French brand H2O Umbrellas are designed with sustainability in mind. Indeed, all H2O umbrellas are guaranteed for life, which means that the brand's umbrellas are solid and of high quality.

An original French umbrella with a lifetime guarantee

By choosing an H2O Umbrellas umbrella, you get an original umbrella, made in Normandy, made in one of the last umbrella factories in France. H2O Umbrellas has been manufacturing top-of-the-range umbrellas for several decades and has a unique expertise in the field of luxury umbrella design. The range of H2O umbrellas is very varied, allowing a wide choice of umbrellas: mini umbrella, folding umbrella, long umbrella, English umbrella, golf umbrella, etc. Each umbrella made by H2O Umbrellas is guaranteed for life, which reflects the high quality of design of these many exceptional umbrellas. If you are looking for a handmade umbrella, H2O Umbrellas is for you. From classic umbrellas (black or white for example) to the most original ones (red and other colours with patterns), you are sure to find the French product of your dreams.

Ecological umbrellas made in France

H2O Umbrellas has been manufacturing eco-responsible umbrellas for several decades. Indeed, all the umbrellas of the French brand are guaranteed for life, which shows a strong commitment. This allows you to have a durable French umbrella. If you have a problem (if you break one or more ribs for example) with your umbrella, whether it is a folding umbrella or an anti-rollover umbrella, the H2O Umbrellas team will repair your French umbrella as soon as possible. The repair is free of charge (only the shipping costs remain at your charge). H2O umbrellas are made with durability in mind to avoid the massive consumption of imported umbrellas.

An umbrella that follows you on your travels

All H2umbrellas for men and women, which can be seen in the shop in Crépon or on the website, can accompany you on all your travels around the world. The folding umbrella is both compact and robust. It will be perfect for all travellers who want to protect themselves from the rain. The anti-turnover umbrella would be the ideal companion in case of moderate wind gusts during a trip to the Normandy coast. If you want to protect your partner, the golf umbrella will offer you ample protection (unlike folding umbrellas). H2O Umbrellas has a large stock of umbrellas, so our advisers will be able to find the right umbrella for you. If you have a problem with your French umbrella abroad, you can contact the H2O team who will tell you how to send it, and when it is delivered, they will do everything possible to repair your umbrella.

Umbrella manufacturing, a French know-how in perdition

Come and discover one of the last umbrella shops in France in Crépon, Normandy. H2O Umbrellas French umbrellas are the result of a unique know-how and high quality products. Few French companies can claim to offer products of the quality of H2O Umbrellas. All umbrellas and parasols sold are guaranteed for life. The return rate is less than 1%, which again demonstrates the robustness of H2O Umbrellas. The price of each umbrella reflects several hours of French umbrella making by experienced seamstresses. Buying an H2O Umbrellas umbrella is not a simple act of purchase, by buying a French umbrella you become a major player in the preservation of French know-how.

High quality personalised umbrellas

Would you like to offer a personalised French umbrella to your loved ones? Do you want to reward your customers or employees with a corporate gift? H2O Umbrellas is at your disposal to meet all your needs. For each customised request, we will provide you with a list of products and possible options for the creation of a unique piece. We can embroider your initials or logos on any umbrella (folding, half-golf, long, non-return, golf) whether it is black, white, red, pink, etc. High quality umbrellas for women or for men, we will satisfy you. If you wish to offer an umbrella for the women in your company or to female customers, we also have many models that will certainly meet your expectations.

Wide choice of delivery of its French umbrella

H2O Umbrellas offers a wide range of delivery methods to satisfy all its customers who wish to have their product quickly. From the simple Colissimo delivery, offering a delivery of the umbrella between 4 and 5 days, to the fastest DHL delivery method, between 1 and 2 working days, the H2O teams do their utmost to ensure that their customers enjoy their umbrella with a lifetime guarantee as soon as possible. If you wish to have your French umbrella personalised, an additional delay must be taken into account (this varies according to the complexity of the personalisation of your umbrella model).

H2O Umbrellas, Living Heritage Company (EPV)

The umbrella factory H2O Umbrellas has the renowned EPV label, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company). This noble distinction is the recognition of a unique know-how that highlights the French craft of excellence. H2O Umbrellas makes it a point of honour to preserve and manufacture quality French products. Each umbrella manufactured in the H2O Parapluie workshop, based in Crépon, Normandy, is guaranteed for life. A guarantee of quality that shows the will of H2O Umbrellas to offer top of the range umbrellas.