Golf umbrella

The golf umbrella by H2O Umbrellas

The golf umbrella is the "out door" umbrella par excellence. Initially designed for golfers, this large umbrella has over the years been democratized to become an everyday umbrella. This top of the range French made umbrella is one of the most common umbrellas for families. Indeed, this large umbrella offers its users an ideal protection in rainy weather. H2O Umbrellas, a French manufacturer, designs customizable golf umbrellas so that you can have a large umbrella that reflects your image. Embroidering your name or initials on this exceptional umbrella will give you a unique umbrella.

The ideal large umbrella for maximum protection

Considered by some as a giant umbrella, the golf umbrella is an umbrella that combines practicality and sturdiness. H2O Umbrellas' large umbrellas are very strong and can easily withstand moderate winds. Today's golf umbrella is a classic and elegant model that offers ample protection for one to four people. The golf umbrella is a large umbrella that is perfectly suited for a couple or a family outing. Whether it is a men's golf umbrella or a women's golf umbrella, this type of giant umbrella is easy to handle despite its large diameter, which ensures maximum protection in case of rain.

A giant umbrella with great features

With its 75 cm long fibreglass ribs, this sturdy golf umbrella was designed primarily to accompany golfers on the green while they play their sport. The H2O giant umbrella is equipped with a straight maple handle. This gives the large umbrella a French elegance as well as a solidity that will stand the test of time. The golf umbrella is an extremely wide umbrella, which gives it a significant advantage over a mini umbrella. With a diameter of 1.25m, the golf umbrella offers special features in keeping with its large size.

A golf umbrella made in France

H2O Umbrellas is all about "made in France" and makes its golf umbrellas in its workshop in Normandy, more precisely in Crépon, Calvados. The H2O golf umbrella is therefore entirely assembled by hand, in a traditional way. This unique know-how allows you to acquire a unique French golf umbrella with a lifetime guarantee. The H2O Umbrellas factory designs original and solid luxury umbrellas. With decades of expertise and know-how, H2O Umbrellas is one of the last umbrella manufacturers in France. All the golf umbrellas of the French brand H2O Umbrellas will satisfy you in every way. By acquiring a great French umbrella you are not just buying a golf umbrella but you are becoming an actor in the preservation of a traditional know-how.

Golf umbrella with lifetime guarantee

A must-have French umbrella from the H2O Umbrellas umbrella factory, the golf umbrella is the largest umbrella in the French brand's catalogue. This giant umbrella is available in several colours (black, white, red, blue, green, ...), folding or straight, with a wooden handle. This exceptional French product is made by experienced seamstresses who put all their heart into making umbrellas with a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee ad vitam aeternam is the promise of the Norman brand H2O Umbrellas on the solidity and durability of all its products. This guarantee of quality shows H2O Umbrellas' desire to combat the growing consumerism of imported umbrellas.

The large golf umbrella from the French brand H2O Umbrellas

Are you looking for a large umbrella for your family outings or your sessions on the green? The golf umbrella from H2O Umbrellas is the perfect umbrella. With its plain black, white, red, green, blue or patterned canvas, the XXL umbrellas from the H2O factory can suit everyone. Women, men and children, the golf umbrella is suitable for all uses. Whether folding or straight, the giant French umbrellas can withstand a small storm (with moderate winds). Nevertheless, be careful, the golf umbrellas of the French brand H2O Umbrellas are not anti-turnover (like the Passvent), if the wind is too strong, the use of the golf umbrella can prove to be dangerous and lead to important damages to the ribs (structure) of the golf umbrella.

One of the essential accessories for a refined and elegant style

Whether it is a folding umbrella, a golf umbrella or a long umbrella, for women or men, the French umbrella is and will remain one of the must-have fashion accessories. Both chic and sophisticated, the giant golf umbrella will give you a unique style with its solid colour or patterned canvas and straight handle. If you want to have a golf umbrella to match your shoes or bags, H2O Umbrellas offers you the possibility to customize your golf umbrella so that you have a unique style. All models of the French brand H2O Umbrellas are produced in the French umbrella factory based in Crépon, near Caen, in the Calvados region. Each golf umbrella manufactured is subject to a very thorough quality control where the product will be examined in great detail in order to offer top of the range French umbrellas.

The ideal umbrella for all golfers

Whether you are a man or a woman practising the rigorous and demanding sport of golf, the H2O Umbrellas golf umbrella is the ideal companion in case of rain on your golf course. Stored in your Jucad trolley next to your balls, the giant golf umbrella from the French brand H2O Umbrellas will make itself very small. All our golfing customers have told us that this umbrella model is the ideal size, both practical and resistant. The polyester canvas and the opening system with the wooden (maple) handle and the fibreglass and carbon shaft is the perfect combination of golf umbrella.

A golf umbrella that can be customised as required

Do you want to buy a unique large umbrella that suits you? Do you have any special wishes? All golf umbrellas in stock can be personalised. From logo insertion for a promotional umbrella, a high quality business gift to the complete customisation of the umbrella (colour of the canvas and the handle) with personalised embroidery, the H2O Umbrellas team is there to advise you on the list of choices and customisation possibilities. The women's and men's golf umbrellas from the French brand H2O Umbrellas are all made in Normandy at the Crépon umbrella factory (near Caen). Whether they are classic or personalised, H2O Umbrellas XXL umbrellas are all guaranteed for life.

Fast and careful delivery of your French golf umbrella

H2O Umbrellas offers its customers a top-of-the-line purchasing experience. From the design of French golf umbrellas with a lifetime guarantee to the delivery of the product, the H2O Umbrellas team does everything possible to ensure that you can quickly enjoy your XXL umbrella. From the purchase of an umbrella (mini, folding, long, half-golf, English) to the opening of your package, H2O Umbrellas offers you a top-of-the-line experience. In order to receive your product as soon as possible, H2O Umbrellas offers you several delivery methods. From the classic Colissimo delivery to the fastest one via DHL, H2O Umbrellas teams do their best to ensure that you receive your French umbrella as soon as possible.