Classic green golf umbrella
  • Parapluie Classique vert golf
  • Parapluie Classique vert golf
  • Parapluie Classique vert golf
  • Parapluie Classique vert golf

A classic green umbrella

A green polyester canvas ensures the aesthetic aspect of this top-of-the-range umbrella. A soothing colour for an accessory that looks good and is useful for bad weather. The made in France umbrella is designed with 8 hardened steel ribs and a steel shaft. It is a rigid golf umbrella ready to be used anywhere. The umbrella comes with a straight maple handle and a manual opening system that makes it easy to unfold the canopy. It is a giant umbrella that can shelter 1 to 4 people from the rain. The quality umbrella has a diameter of 125 cm, a height of 97 cm when folded and a weight of about 650 grams.

This giant umbrella can be carried around with our protective sleeves, which also act as a dust cover. They are equipped with shoulder straps that make it light to carry. This is an item that we highly recommend to keep your umbrella's shine intact over the years.

A French handmade umbrella

This top-of-the-range umbrella is a product made entirely by hand in France. H2O Parapluies' workshop in the town of Crépon is where the French umbrella was manufactured in a purely artisanal process. The umbrella manufacturer also delivers its products in qualitative packaging that reflects the class of the umbrella. A lifetime guarantee is also given with the purchase of your quality umbrella.

Protect yourself with a unique umbrella

If you want to have your own umbrella, you can choose our personalisation option. With embroidery, we put your initials or your name on the made in France umbrella. The umbrella manufacturer's personalisation allows you to stand out with a classic umbrella that is intrinsically linked to your person and your taste. It is made with colours of your choice, but we also accompany you for a harmonious rendering. This is a service that also benefits companies that want to maintain their brand image. A unique umbrella can serve as an effective communication medium.

125 cm
Folded umbrella height
97 cm
Environ 650 gr
Opening type
Number of ribs
Ribs type
Hardened steel
Mast type
Fabric type
Handle type
diameter of the handle at the widest point
41 mm
Parapluie H2o Frabication Française

Parapluie fabriqué en France et garanti à vie

Chaque parapluie H2O est fabriqué à la main dans l’atelier de Crépon en Normandie et vous pouvez bénéficier d’une garantie sur votre parapluie.

En savoir plus

Signed shipping in qualitative packaging

We take great care of your H2O umbrella when preparing your package for shipping from our workshop in Crepon, so that you will receive your umbrella in packaging chosen specifically for its size for better protection.

Emballage parapluie H2o Frabication Française

Protect your umbrella

We recommend that you complete your basket by purchasing a sleeve to protect your umbrella from dust and UV rays. Our sleeves are fitted with shoulder straps that will allow you to walk around in complete freedom.

Fourreau parapluie H2o Frabication Française

Make your umbrella unique

Whether it is your name or your initials, the embroidery will sublimate your umbrella. We advise you to match your embroidery with the color of the bias for a harmonious rendering or a tone-on-tone color for a discreet rendering. If you wish, we can even choose the color for you.

Broderie parapluie H2o Frabication Française