The H2O Parapluies lifetime warranty in detail...

Why is there a lifetime warranty for the handmade umbrella made in Normandy?

Since its creation in 1995, H2O has held high the values of quality and French manufacturing. In a few decades, the company grew without ever abandoning these foundations. Driven by desire, creativity, and a love for a job well done. The company naturally made the choice to guarantee its models for life.

Our umbrellas are built to last over time. Used properly, your umbrella should stay by your side for many years to come. If at any time you find a manufacturing defect, or if the umbrella no longer functions properly, Your umbrella is covered by our famous unlimited warranty.

We would be happy to repair it for you free of charge, except for shipping and packaging costs.


Some tips for using and maintaining your H2O umbrella...

Here are some useful ideas to help you keep an umbrella in top working condition, just like the day it left our workshop:

  • Dry your open umbrella after each use. Even inside a house, it does not bring bad luck, and it increases its life expectancy.
  • Fold it in the folds. This will keep your umbrella clean for the longest time and ensure a better seal.
  • Exposure to UV rays from the sun, but also from the moon, makes colors pass and strongly withers your pet. The rear shelves of vehicles are not recommended. To overcome these inconveniences, we recommend that you purchase a protective sleeve, with or without a shoulder strap (sold separately).
  • In the event of stains on the fabric, we recommend the use of slightly soapy water or gasoline F that you will find in hardware stores.
  • Over the course of a few years, your pet may not be very waterproof anymore. You can buy Re-waterproofing aerosols from the store, and repeat an induction in a well-ventilated room. You can also bring us your umbrella so that our services can take care of it for free.
  • Due to its warranty and longevity, H2O umbrellas become transferable goods, and therefore family goods, however the fabrics age or are no longer up to date, we can re-cover your old umbrellas, at your expense.
  • We remind you that our umbrellas protect from the rain but not from the wind. It is not recommended to go out with winds above 40 km / h as this may damage the umbrella or cause injury. However if such an adventure happens to you, we will repair the damaged ribs in our workshops.


What is the lifetime warranty for our H2O umbrellas?

A guarantee of satisfaction for your umbrella

The H2O Guarantee is an integral part of the brand's commitments to its customers and to the environment. This is the assurance of total satisfaction with the product. To guarantee the quality of its umbrellas, H2O has put in place for more than 25 years a free repair guarantee with no time limit * (excluding loss, misuse, or improper use).

An organisation dedicated to the emergency treatment of umbrella returns under warranty

In order to be as responsive as possible to our customers' requests, an organization dedicated to the management and monitoring of damaged products has been set up. The daily processing of returns in our workshops, by a service dedicated to the application of the guarantee, constitutes a very specific know-how as well as the employment of a full-time employee.

A design, production, know-how and quality materials for resistant and high-end umbrellas

When a customer uses an H2O product, he must have full, permanent and lasting satisfaction regardless of the demand. This is why our suppliers and our raw materials are rigorously selected. H2O products are always developed and tested to be able to withstand demanding climatic conditions. Like the quality with which it goes hand in hand, the guarantee is an integral part of H2O's commitments and values. However, a certain number of excessive and sometimes even dangerous uses fall outside the scope of this guarantee. The examples below are intended to facilitate understanding of the H2O Guarantee: they establish precise, fair and applicable rules avoiding any ambiguity, no need to ask questions to know whether the guarantee applies or not.

  • Products that have suffered damage resulting from abuse, diverted from their normal use Umbrellas
  • lost, misplaced Umbrellas
  • worn out but still functional, rusty Umbrellas
  • modified, transformed Umbrellas,
  • burns, holes, cuts, stained, scuffed fabrics, UV rays
  • Umbrellas destroyed by negligence or on purpose

These examples will not be covered by warranty.