Umbrella handles

H2O Umbrella handles

If umbrellas are indispensable accessories for every person because their practicality and usefulness are not negligible, they also serve as a true accessory of fashion and distinction. H2O Umbrella handles are particularly chic and luxurious. In our collection of umbrella handles you will find leather handles, bamboo handles, but also beautiful carved wooden handles. Among them, we can find original wooden handle models such as the carved Boxer handle and the carved Braque handle. A true sign of distinction, the umbrella handle ensures a dazzling style down to the smallest detail.

Personalise your French umbrella with umbrella handles

Have you personalised your umbrella with elegant embroidery? Perhaps you have embroidered your name or your initials... But have you thought of personalising your umbrella with sumptuous handles? H2O Umbrellas offers a beautiful collection of umbrella handles that will fit your custom umbrella. Choose the handle that best suits your new luxury umbrella from the many different materials and designs. Our handles have been designed for both women's and men's umbrellas. Umbrella handle, umbrella colour, leather umbrella sleeve, H2O Umbrellas does everything to satisfy its customers.

H2O umbrella handles made in France

H2O Parapluies has been manufacturing umbrellas since 1994. Each H2O umbrella is handmade by experienced craftsmen specialised in the design of umbrella handles and top of the range umbrellas. In a workshop located in Crépon, between Caen and Bayeux, H2O umbrellas are handmade with raw materials of impeccable quality for an elegant result and a finished product of undeniable character. As in haute couture, the creation of our quality products and their production is made up of a series of operations requiring a high level of technical expertise and the mastery of unique machines. For an experience worthy of the name, H2O Parapluies ships all its products in careful and protective packaging for easy reception.

Original umbrella handles with a lifetime guarantee

Creating original products is based on a succession of precise gestures, from cutting the fabric to assembling and fitting the various components. This is why the proposed handles are all, without exception, of indisputable quality. Indeed, the products produced by H2O Umbrellas are made to last over time. When used and preserved properly, thanks to the various recommendations for use, your umbrella and its handle will be with you for many years. However, if there is the slightest defect or malfunction, H2O Umbrellas will be happy to repair your top-of-the-range umbrella free of charge. A lifetime guarantee of quality, reliability and professionalism that H2O Umbrellas has been demonstrating for over 25 years. Who else but H2O Umbrellas can offer you a guarantee and quality?