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The hiking umbrella by H2O Parapluies

For walkers, rain is a big obstacle and yet it is difficult to cxarry an umbrella, that's why H2O Parapluies has designed the ideal hiking umbrella.

A unique hiking umbrella model designed by H2O

The Canapluie is a unique hiking umbrella because it combines a walking stick and an umbrella with a compact diameter to be used in the tightest of paths. Adapted to the size of its owner, this hiking umbrella will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of walking in all seasons and will provide you with instant shelter in the event of a downpour.

The all-terrain companion for walks

Once closed, the Canapluie hiking umbrella, composed of a chestnut wood pole tailor-made for the hiker who will have the pleasure of enjoying his company, allows to pace the step and facilitate the walk and the attack of the trail thanks to its very resistant steel tip. Its inverted handle makes it so convenient to take and use that you won't be able to take it off, even for the shortest walks.

The hiking umbrella made in France

Designed by experienced umbrella craftsmen and made entirely in France, by hand from the most noble materials, in a specialized Normandy workshop, the H2O hiking umbrella will satisfy the most demanding of walkers. Ideal gift for athletes, you will need to enter the recipient's size when ordering so that it is perfectly adapted and personalized.