Hinking umbrella

The hiking umbrella by H2O Umbrellas

For hikers, rain is a major obstacle and yet it is difficult to carry an umbrella, which is why H2O Parapluies has designed the ideal hiking umbrella. The French umbrella manufacturer has designed a unique umbrella that offers a double advantage. This durable umbrella allows hikers to have a quality umbrella as well as a walking stick. This hiking umbrella concept is by H2O Parapluies.

A heavy-duty umbrella

The Canapluie hiking umbrella is made of a chestnut wood pole that is tailor-made for the hiker. This top of the range French umbrella is a real Swiss Army knife for its owner. It is said that "after the rain comes the good weather", and the H2O teams have taken this to heart. If it rains, the H2O umbrella can simply be opened to protect the hiker from the weather. After the rain, the hiker closes the umbrella and goes on his walk without having to carry a conventional umbrella, be it a folding umbrella, a long umbrella or a golf umbrella. The H2O hiking umbrella has a very strong steel tip and is designed to pace the walk and make it easier to attack the trail. Its inverted handle makes it so convenient to carry and use that you won't be able to leave it behind, even for short hikes.

The practical and solid hiking umbrella designed by H2O Umbrellas

The canapluie is a unique hiking umbrella as it combines a walking stick with a compact diameter umbrella for easy deployment and handling. Handcrafted in one of France's last remaining high-end umbrella factories, this hiking umbrella is a true wonder. Adapted to the size of its owner, this durable umbrella designed for hiking enthusiasts will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of walking in all seasons and will shelter you in an instant in case of rain. Guaranteed for life, all H2O Parapluies luxury umbrellas will accompany you and your children for life.

The Made in France umbrella for hiking

Designed by skilled umbrella craftsmen and made entirely in France, by hand, from the finest materials, in a specialised workshop in Normandy, the H2O hiking umbrella will satisfy the most demanding hikers. An ideal gift for nature lovers, the hiking umbrella can be a unique gift. The H2O umbrella can be fully personalised with the person's initials or first name embroidered on it. To offer a personalised umbrella, you will first have to indicate the size you want when ordering and your wish for an embroidery so that your top-of-the-range hiking umbrella is perfectly adapted and personalised.