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The folding umbrella by H2O Umbrellas

An umbrella for men or women, the folding umbrella is both practical and chic. Very easy to store, the top of the range H2O Umbrellas folding umbrella is one of the best-sellers of the Norman umbrella factory. The folding umbrella is based on a system with an automatic mechanism for quicker deployment and is the model for city dwellers. It has strong steel ribs and measures 36 cm when folded and an average diameter of 95 cm when opened. Depending on the folding umbrella you choose, the diameter can be larger if you opt for a folding golf umbrella. These can be up to 125 cm in diameter. Each folding umbrella in the H2O Umbrellas range is designed in the workshop-boutique based in a small Norman village, Crépon. H2O luxury umbrellas all offer high quality workmanship and a lifetime guarantee.

A folding umbrella made in France

Le parapluie pliant H2O est entièrement fabriqué en France, en Normandie dans un atelier artisanal situé dans le Calvados, près de Bayeux. In this way, the folding umbrella made by H2O Umbrellas benefits from the skills and expertise of craftsmen specialising in the design of top-of-the-range umbrellas. H2O Umbrellas is one of the last umbrella manufacturers in France and produces all its models, including the folding umbrella, golf umbrella, English umbrella and anti-turnover umbrella, from their design to their complete assembly. The workshop where the folding umbrellas are designed can be visited. This allows you to observe the many painstaking steps involved in the manufacture of a high quality umbrella.

The automatic folding umbrella, a practical and easy-to-use model

Easy to handle, the folding umbrella can be stored in the blink of an eye in its protective sleeve (supplied) and offers excellent protection from the elements. Totally mixed in its design and size, it is suitable for men and women and can be adapted to its recipient thanks to its choice of colours (black, red, beige, ...) and patterns. All owners of folding umbrellas from the French brand H2O Umbrellas are completely satisfied, both with the exceptional manufacturing quality of the product and its protective appearance. H2O folding umbrellas are designed with durability in mind, as evidenced by the French umbrella manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. H2O Umbrellas is one of the last umbrella manufacturers in France. This is why it is committed to offering exceptional folding umbrellas that will make all H2O umbrella owners happy.

A customisable high-end folding umbrella

Do you want to own a unique luxury umbrella? H2O Umbrellas, manufacturer of umbrellas from Normandy, allows you to personalise your folding umbrella by offering you the possibility of selecting your umbrella handle as well as offering you personalised embroidery. Embroider your initials or your first name and surname on your top of the range French folding umbrella. H2O Umbrellas makes it a point of honour to design exceptional customisable umbrellas. Everyone has an umbrella, but few people can boast of having a personalised top-of-the-range French umbrella. H2O Umbrellas offers all its customers durable umbrellas with a lifetime guarantee.

Foldable, strong and compact, the ideal H2O Umbrellas

The French folding umbrella from the Normandy umbrella factory H2O Umbrellas offers folding umbrellas that can withstand moderate winds. Designed in France, H2O Umbrellas folding umbrellas are made with sustainability and eco-responsibility in mind. Guaranteed for life, all French umbrellas, whether they are folding, mini, English, anti-turnover, golf or long, are manufactured according to very strict rules. For men or women, the H2O Umbrellas team puts all its heart and know-how into designing the perfect umbrella.

Embellish your life with a French folding umbrella

In plain colours (black, red, beige, pink, blue, green) or with patterns, the folding umbrellas from H2O Umbrellas will add joy and cheer to your life. Stand out from the crowd by buying French. Acquiring a H2O Umbrellas folding umbrella means becoming an actor in the preservation of a unique French know-how. Do you want a strong and unique umbrella? The H2O Umbrellas team can personalise your folding umbrella. You can embroider your initials or your name and surname on your folding umbrella. Thanks to this process, you will have a unique umbrella of French quality.

Several delivery options available

Would you like to offer a folding umbrella to your loved ones for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion? H2O Umbrellas offers you to buy your folding umbrella in a plain colour or with a pattern with an ultra fast delivery via DHL. If you are not in a hurry, we propose a delivery via Colissimo, which will take 3 to 4 days against 2 days with DHL. All H2O Umbrellas products are delivered in a specially designed box to offer you a unique customer experience when opening your package.

The manufacture of French folding umbrellas, a dying skill in France

H2O Umbrellas is one of the last folding umbrella manufacturers in France. By buying a folding umbrella for men or women, you contribute to the preservation of French know-how. H2O Umbrellas' folding umbrellas are made from the finest materials and are all, without exception, guaranteed for life. This guarantee of quality shows once again the will of the French manufacturer to offer durable umbrellas and to fight against the consumerism of umbrellas on the French market.

H2O Umbrellas, the French folding umbrella reference

The H2O folding umbrella is not a pocket umbrella, like the micro umbrella, it is a strong and sturdy umbrella that is suitable for many situations. Its wooden handle gives it a chic and elegant appeal. The price varies depending on the model, the colour (plain or patterned) and the handle. Buying a folding umbrella from the French brand H2O Umbrellas is not an irrational purchase, it is a long-term investment. Buying a French folding umbrella is the assurance of acquiring a folding umbrella made in France by experienced seamstresses who put their heart and experience into the design of quality products.

Automatic or manual French umbrella

H2O Umbrellas offers a wide range of folding umbrellas in various colours: black, red, white, pink or patterned with automatic openings. Folding umbrellas with automatic opening are more modern folding umbrellas. Whatever your choice of umbrella, for men or women, you will have a top of the range, French made folding umbrella when you buy your umbrella from H2O Umbrellas.

Folding umbrella, the ideal umbrella for women

A real fashion accessory to fight against the gloom, the folding umbrella for women is the ultimate element that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Compact and practical, the automatic folding umbrella, with its ultra fast opening, will satisfy all women wishing to protect themselves from the rain. Both chic and sophisticated, the H2O Umbrellas folding umbrella is the perfect umbrella for women. Whether you are going to work, out for a walk with your partner or friends, or on a shopping trip, the folding umbrella will accompany you on all your trips. Equipped with a classic wooden handle, H2O Umbrellas offers you the possibility to personalise your retractable umbrella by changing the handle or by embroidering your initials on your French umbrella.

The essential folding umbrella for men

Elegant and sober are the key words for the range of folding umbrellas for men at H2O Umbrellas. Our men's folding umbrellas are ideal for men who want to make a statement. The self opening umbrellas will satisfy all our male customers. From the plain black or red folding umbrella to the more colourful ones with polka dots or prints, the H2O Umbrellas are the fashion element that will make the difference by giving you a refined and chic touch. In your briefcase, attaché case or travel bag, the H2O folding umbrella will protect you from the weather in all circumstances.

A folding umbrella with the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label

H2O Umbrellas' folding umbrellas are all certified as Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV). This state certification rewards French companies for their unique know-how and quality products. This label of craftsmanship of excellence is the guarantee that the folding umbrellas of the French umbrella factory H2O Umbrellas are high quality products. This excellence translates into a rigorous design quality where the smallest details can make a difference. It is important to keep in mind that buying an umbrella from the French brand H2O Umbrellas is the certainty of having a top-of-the-range umbrella with a lifetime guarantee of French design.