Classic folding umbrella red

Our practical, space-saving folding umbrella

This folding umbrella is suitable for those who are looking for protection from the rain, but don't want the bulkiness that comes with most rain gear.

In response to such a need, this French-made umbrella, when folded, is just over 40 centimetres long and can be easily carried. A protective sleeve is also provided for easy storage.

The 420 grams of this red umbrella are barely felt when held at arm's length and disappear completely when you hang it on your arm using the strap that extends the handle.

Its practicality is also perfectly illustrated by the automatic opening mechanism that unfolds the 95 centimetre diameter canopy and ensures optimal protection with a simple gesture.

A red umbrella, for men and women

When looking for a French umbrella, it is customary to choose either a folding umbrella for men or a folding umbrella for women, depending on the gender you identify with. This folding umbrella fits you, whatever your identity.

Its red colour is striking, but plain and unadorned, so it brightens up your sober outfits and enhances your drab outfit by adding a bright pop of colour. The red canvas is also complemented by a black bias, making it an ideal combination accessory.

A solid folding umbrella from H2O Umbrellas

This is also a solid folding umbrella due to the materials used in its composition: resin for the handle, polyester for the canvas, steel for the shaft. As for its eight ribs, they are made of the same nickel-plated steel that characterises a strong umbrella.

This folding umbrella for men and women comes from the H2O Parapluies workshop, renowned for being the benchmark for umbrellas made in France. Its know-how, refined over the years, enables it to produce high-quality, well-crafted accessories for the most demanding customers.

95 cm
Folded umbrella height
37 cm (42 cm si poignée courbe)
Environ 420 gr
Opening type
Number of ribs
Ribs type
Nickel steel
Mast type
Fabric type
Handle type
Parapluie H2o Frabication Française

Parapluie fabriqué en France et garanti à vie

Chaque parapluie H2O est fabriqué à la main dans l’atelier de Crépon en Normandie et vous pouvez bénéficier d’une garantie sur votre parapluie.

En savoir plus

Signed shipping in qualitative packaging

We take great care of your H2O umbrella when preparing your package for shipping from our workshop in Crepon, so that you will receive your umbrella in packaging chosen specifically for its size for better protection.

Emballage parapluie H2o Frabication Française

Make your umbrella unique

Whether it is your name or your initials, the embroidery will sublimate your umbrella. We advise you to match your embroidery with the color of the bias for a harmonious rendering or a tone-on-tone color for a discreet rendering. If you wish, we can even choose the color for you.

Broderie parapluie H2o Frabication Française