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€70.00 - €150.00


The limited edition umbrella by H2O Parapluies

The H2O ephemeral umbrella is an original limited edition umbrella, made in Normandy.

A printed umbrella with original patterns

For a unique style, the ephemeral umbrella by H2O parapluies follows the trends and the imagination of its creators according to their desires and ideas.

A rare and high quality umbrella

The umbrella from the H2O limited series is designed and manufactured in Normandy from A to Z, in the workshop-boutique of Crépon. Its quality is guaranteed for life by H2O Parapluies which puts all its soul and know-how into its realization. In addition, the limited edition H2O Parapluies are designed in small numbers for more exclusivity, with an impression of constantly renewed patterns for a unique style. Make rainy days a moment of joy and stand out with the ephemeral umbrellas from the H2O Parapluies collection.

An umbrella made in Normandy

Like all H2O umbrellas, ephemeral umbrellas are original models entirely made in Normandy. H2O Parapluies is one of the last umbrella manufacturers in France and has unique expertise in the umbrella industry since 1994.