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    H2O Parapluies, a Norman company certified as a Living Heritage Company, and ADILS Créations have united their worlds to create an exceptional umbrella on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings . A meeting between two excellent know-how which gave birth to a unique object, reflecting the spirit of this historic moment.

    The artisans of the two houses were able to combine their expertise to design an umbrella with a unique design. They revisit the “Camouflage” style with elegance and originality, where the design made up of shades of blue evokes the infinite nuances of the Channel Sea under a changing sky. A subtle and refined homage to the history of the region and the heroes of the Landing.

    This exceptional umbrella is not only an aesthetic object, it is also a symbol of resilience and hope. It represents the union of forces and the ability to overcome challenges, values ​​which particularly resonate on this 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.
    The world of Haute Couture and that of luxury umbrellas came together under the aegis of Julien Fournié Haute Couture and H2O Parapluies. This unique collaboration gave birth to tailor-made umbrellas, designed by Julien Fournié in his precious fabrics and made entirely by hand by H2O Parapluies to form an integral part of the last two shows by the great French couturier.

    Julien Fournié, admitted to the exclusive circle of 10 permanent members of Haute Couture, wanted to associate his presentations with an accessory that was both functional and aesthetic. The parasols created in this context and under his leadership are unique pieces, designed to harmonize perfectly with his exceptional outfits. Using the emblematic codes and patterns of each season imagined by Julien Fournié for each look they accessorize, these parasols give pride of place to elegance and functionality. It is for these two qualities that Julien Fournié chose to call on the expertise of H2O Parapluies.
    The equestrian world and that of high-end umbrellas have united thanks to the collaboration between H2O Parapluies and Antares Sellier. This alliance of excellence gave birth to tailor-made umbrellas, designed by H2O Parapluies to meet the specific needs of riders and horse lovers.

    Antares Sellier, a French saddlery brand recognized for its artisanal know-how and the quality of its products, wanted to offer its customers an accessory that was both elegant and practical. The umbrellas created for Antares Sellier are unique pieces, designed to adapt perfectly to the requirements of riders. They are made from noble and resistant materials, guaranteeing optimal protection against bad weather.
    Antares Sellier
    The artistic universe of Felipe Ferré, photographer recognized for his striking and poetic shots, has joined forces with the artisanal know-how of H2O Parapluies, French umbrella manufacturer top of the line. This unique collaboration gave birth to custom-made umbrellas, designed to enhance the talented artist's photographs.

    Felipe Ferré, in search of an accessory that was both functional and aesthetic to accompany his photo sessions in exterior, has found the ideal partner in H2O Parapluies.
    Felipe Ferré - Photographe
    French elegance and know-how came together for the Miss France 2022 election in Caen, Normandy. H2O Parapluies, French manufacturer of high-end umbrellas, had the honor of designing tailor-made umbrellas to enhance this glamorous and prestigious event.

    Far from being simple accessories, H2O Parapluies umbrellas brought a touch of magic to the Miss France 2022 election. They accompanied the candidates throughout the evening.
    Miss Poppins