A unique umbrella manufacturing know-how

Come and meet artisans who are passionate about their craft and their know-how, never stingy with anecdotes or little stories. Let your imagination run wild and choose the cut, the materials, the type of mechanism or the handle that will fit your hand perfectly. Come and discover the manufacturing techniques of your companion which will brighten up your future rainy walks.

The H2O umbrella: a world open to visitors

H2O Parapluies welcomes the public during visits to its workshops on friday mornings at 11 am, by reservation. Our craftsmen will have great pleasure in sharing with you their passion and their know-how in order to make you discover the manufacture of high-end French umbrellas. Discover in their company a world of luxury little known and rare.


Member of "Métier d'art" since october 2020

The original and artisanal H2O umbrella made in Normandy

An umbrella workshop in the heart of Calvados. If you are looking for a handmade umbrella, H2O Parapluies is for you.

H2O Parapluies has been a manufacturer of handcrafted quality umbrellas since 1995.

In its production workshop, each umbrella is developed according to models designed on site. Located in Crépon, near Bayeux and Caen, the artisans of the Normandy umbrella express themselves through know-how acquired over time and over the years.

Original and creative umbrellas

Thanks to the mastery of manufacturing techniques for umbrellas of different diameters, various types of mechanisms, a multitude of fabrics and textures and even more finishes, each umbrella model produced is incomparable.

Trendy and technical umbrellas

Because H2O Parapluies controls its entire chain of original umbrellas, from design to manufacture, it can offer umbrella models of unparalleled quality. The artisanal production of umbrellas in France is rare today: H2O Parapluies represents one of those exceptional umbrella factories which designs and shapes its products, cuts, cuts and assembles each umbrella by hand to produce umbrellas unique in the world, at the both solid and irresistibly fashionable.