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The mini umbrella by H2O Umbrellas

The mini umbrella is a compact model, with a closed length of 24 cm and a diameter of 93 cm. This miniature folding umbrella has a manual opening mechanism and weighs only 250g. The H2O Umbrellas pocket umbrella is one of the brand's bestsellers. Its practicality and originality make this micro umbrella the perfect model for nomads. This mini folding umbrella is one of the smallest French umbrellas in terms of diameter size in the H2O Umbrellas luxury umbrella range. The size of this small umbrella does not in any way detract from its main purpose, which is to protect from the rain. However, its small diameter does not allow it to protect several people at once from the rain, unlike the golf umbrellas which can shelter up to 4 people.

The miniature umbrella, the ideal companion for city dwellers

The mini umbrella is the perfect umbrella for women and men, especially in urban environments to keep pace in transport and along busy streets. This pocket-sized umbrella fits in with modern life. An ideal companion for those who don't want to carry a large umbrella, the mini umbrella is the essential accessory to have in your handbag or backpack. Both ultra-compact and elegant, H2O Umbrellas miniature umbrellas are handcrafted in Normandy, in the Crépon workshop located not far from Arromanches-Les-Bains (known worldwide for its historical attraction). The Normandy umbrella factory produces a range of custom-made French umbrellas. From miniature umbrellas to large golf umbrellas, H2O Umbrellas offers its customers a wide range of high quality French umbrellas.

The mini pocket umbrella, solid and practical

The mini pocket umbrella is a small umbrella with an aluminium frame and light, flexible fibreglass ribs. Compact and handy, the H2O folding micro umbrella is very light, which means that it can accompany you everywhere, wherever you go. The H2O mini umbrella is very easy to store thanks to its sheath (umbrella bag), whether in a small handbag or in a backpack, the H2O mini umbrella will follow you anywhere. Small in size, the French mini umbrella designed by H2O Umbrellas is nonetheless very resistant. It can resist moderate winds without difficulty. To facilitate its storage and transport, H2O Umbrellas delivers all its miniature umbrellas with a protective fabric sleeve.

A handmade French mini umbrella

The H2O Umbrellas mini umbrella is still made and assembled in France, in the heart of Normandy in the Crépon workshop (Calvados). Handcrafted, it is distinguished from other mini umbrellas by its quality of design and manufacture, as well as by the choice of materials and components that make it up. By choosing a H2O Umbrellas mini umbrella, you are making the choice to acquire an original and resistant umbrella, made in Normandy, produced in one of the last umbrella factories in France. H2O Umbrellas has been a French umbrella manufacturer for several decades. The French umbrella brand therefore has a unique expertise in the field of high-end French umbrellas.

The little French umbrella, a must-have fashion accessory

Noir, rouge, blanc, beige, rose, à pois ou encore à motif, les mini parapluies de la maison H2O Umbrellas sont des accessoires de mode incontournables. Personalise your look with your pocket umbrella. All the models in the H2O French umbrella range are suitable for both men and women. Both resistant and ultra compact, the folding pocket umbrella designed by the French company H2O Umbrellas will embellish your life and your look. The lifetime guarantee on our mini umbrellas as well as all our models in the shop and online proves that we manufacture quality products with a view to durability.

A compact and solid umbrella for optimal protection

Available for both men and women, H2O Umbrellas' miniature umbrellas can be worn by everyone. Handmade in our Normandy workshops, based in Crépon, not far from Caen, all our mini umbrellas in stock can be personalised on request by means of embroidery. With this process, you will have a small umbrella that is compact, resistant and unique in the world. The miniature umbrellas of the French brand H2O Umbrellas are produced in a spirit of sustainability and eco-responsibility. The Normandy-based company H2O Umbrellas has chosen to fight against the massive consumption of imported umbrellas.

The manufacture of top-of-the-range mini umbrellas, a dying skill in France

Become a player in the preservation of French know-how by buying a French mini umbrella. Designed with noble materials, all H2O Umbrellas mini umbrellas are made in one of the last umbrella factories in France. Our seamstresses are busy making high quality French umbrellas. Based in Normandy, in Crépon, not far from Caen, you can visit the umbrella shop and see the luxury umbrella design for yourself. Each H2O Umbrellas mini folding umbrella is scrupulously inspected before sale to ensure that every detail of the umbrella is perfect. The price of our products is the combination of a know-how that is increasingly rare in France.

Customisable French umbrellas for unique designs

Personalise your pocket umbrella by embroidering your initials on it or by choosing the colour of the umbrella (red, black, white, beige, pink or printed). The H2O Umbrellas team will advise you on the choice of your mini umbrella. If you choose to buy online, you can contact the umbrella shop during opening hours for personal advice. H2O Umbrellas advisors will help you in your purchase of a French micro umbrella so that you can enjoy a small umbrella that suits you and your needs. We offer fast delivery methods if you wish to give the umbrella as a gift. All French umbrellas manufactured by H2O Umbrellas are guaranteed for life.


Fast and secure delivery methods

H2O Umbrellas offers multiple delivery methods in order to meet all the demands of its customers. From the Colissimo delivery of 3 to 5 days to the ultra fast DHL delivery. We do everything possible to ensure that you can enjoy your French mini umbrella as soon as possible. If you want to offer an umbrella for Christmas for example, we can guarantee you a fast delivery so that your gift will be at the foot of the Christmas tree on the big day. If you wish to offer a personalised pocket umbrella to your loved ones, you will have to take into account an additional one day delay in the delivery time.

A top of the range French mini umbrella for a business gift

Stand out from your fellow contractors by offering your customers or employees French umbrellas with a lifetime guarantee. All H2O Umbrellas umbrellas come with a lifetime guarantee, which will show your customers your commitment to a lasting relationship. The H2O Umbrellas team will advise you on customisation: embroidery of logo or initials, handles, etc. Depending on the choice of your umbrella and its colour (black, white, red, patterned, pink, beige, ...), the advisors will help you make the best choice so that you have a product that promotes your company.

An umbrella factory awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label

H2O Umbrellas manufactures mini umbrellas with the EPV label, a noble distinction that rewards companies of French excellence. The H2O range of mini umbrellas for men and women are manufactured with a view to durability and ultra-strict quality. This is to satisfy demanding customers who will buy French micro umbrellas that will stand the test of time. The entire range of pocket umbrellas from the French brand H2O Umbrellas is guaranteed for life. A second guarantee of quality and excellence from H2O Umbrellas.