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€65.00 - €70.00



The mini umbrella by H2O Parapluies

The mini umbrella combines a compact model, with a length of 24 cm closed for a diameter of 93 cm, a manual opening mechanism and a lightness of 250 gr.

The mini umbrella, solid and practica

It is a small umbrella with an aluminum frame and flexible, lightweight fiberglass ribs. Compact and handy, the mini umbrella is very light (about 250 gr) to accompany you everywhere, on all your trips. To facilitate storage and transport, H2O Parapluies delivers the mini umbrella with its protective sleeve.

The mini umbrella, the ideal city companionl

Perfect for men and women, especially in urban areas to keep up with the pace in transport, along the busiest streets, it adapts to modern life.

A handmade mini umbrella

The mini umbrella H2O Parapluies is still developed and assembled in France, in the heart of Normandy in the workshop in Crépon (Calvados). Handcrafted, it stands out from other mini umbrellas by its quality of design and production, as well as by the choice of materials and elements that compose it. By choosing this type of umbrella, you get an original model, made in Normandy, made in one of the last umbrella manufacturers in France. H2O Parapluies has been a French umbrella manufacturer for more than 25 years, with unique expertise in the umbrella industry.