Mini umbrella

Transport your French umbrella easily with the umbrella sheath

To complement your umbrella purchase, H2O Parapluies highly recommends opting for the acquisition of an umbrella sheath to protect your luxury umbrella. But that's not all, your umbrella sheath comes with straps that allow you to move around easily by carrying the umbrella on your shoulder or back. Both elegant and understated, the H2O Parapluies umbrella bag will add a chic and made in France touch to your outfit for even more style. A practical and useful accessory that you won't be able to do without! Shipped in carefully chosen packaging according to the size of the umbrella, you have the pleasure and guarantee of receiving your protected umbrella.2O Parapluies umbrella bag ensures optimal protection against various deteriorations related to wear and tear. Protect the fabric of your luxury umbrella with fabric-lined sheaths. Among our shoulder-strap sheaths, find the one that is suitable for the model of your umbrella: sheaths for long, classic, half-golf, parasol, Passvent, medium umbrellas... At H2O Parapluies, you can find shoulder-strap sheaths made of leather or textile. Treat yourself to the umbrella sheath and walk around freely.2O Parapluies proudly embodies the values of quality and French craftsmanship. It is within its production workshop located in Crépon, in Calvados, that each high-end umbrella is elaborated, based on original models conceived on site. All H2O high-end umbrellas are handmade and crafted with exceptional quality raw materials for an elegant result and a finished product of impeccable quality. The expertise and know-how of our H2O artisans have been recognized and appreciated by our clientele for many years. All H2O Parapluies products are guaranteed for life, a guarantee of quality and a genuine desire to satisfy our customers.2O Parapluies French umbrella? Don't wait and indulge in a customizable umbrella sheath too! Matching your umbrella or your style, the shoulder-strap umbrella bag will be your ally for an elegant and hassle-free umbrella transport. Our umbrella sheaths have the particularity of being customizable from all angles. Choose the color of the interior leather, the color of the exterior leather, the color of the stitching... Our umbrella bags are 100% handmade and adapt to both women's and men's umbrellas. An original and sustainable gift idea!