Walking umbrella

The cane umbrella by H2O Umbrellas

The cane umbrella is the most classic of all umbrella models. It allows you to let your imagination run wild and is available in many models that make it much more than just "classic". The cane umbrellas from the French brand H2O Umbrellas are all made with durability in mind. That is why all the cane umbrellas are guaranteed for life.

The cane umbrella and its perfect dimensions

The cane umbrella has 8 strong hardened steel ribs and a wooden shaft with a curved wooden or resin handle. This type of umbrella measures 1 metre in diameter when unfolded, providing optimal rain cover for one person. Each H2O Umbrellas cane umbrella, whether for men or women, is made in Crépon's workshop-boutique, located near Caen.

The cane umbrella, an essential accessory

The cane umbrella is perfect for travelling around town, and is also particularly suitable for travelling alone or with a partner. The classic size is ideal for men and women (with or without children) and is perfectly suited to modern life. Whether black, red, green, patterned or in another colour, it is a real fashion accessory. Both chic and refined, this top-of-the-range product will embellish all styles of clothing and will accompany you in your daily life. Practical and elegant, the H2O umbrella will protect you from the rain with style and elegance.

A French-made cane umbrella

Here you will only find cane umbrellas that are entirely made in France, in H2O Umbrellas' Normandy workshop. Made in the heart of Normandy by the experienced hands of H2O Umbrellas' craftsmen. Your cane umbrella is thus handmade from models designed within the framework of a unique know-how and from rigorously selected materials, ensuring you an exceptional product quality, an irreproachable finish and a lifetime guarantee.

Wide range of cane umbrellas for men and women

The French umbrella manufacturer H2O Umbrellas offers a range of exceptional cane umbrellas. This straight umbrella is both robust and weatherproof. Unlike the anti-turnover umbrella, this one cannot withstand strong gusts of wind. In addition, its diameter does not allow it to protect more than two people (man, woman and child) at a time, as the golf umbrella does. Nevertheless, the cane umbrella from the French brand H2O Umbrellas will provide you with flawless protection against the rain.

Fast and accurate delivery

The French manufacturer H2O Umbrellas offers its customers several delivery options. When you order online, you have two choices: Colissimo (3 to 4 days) and DHL (1 to 2 days maximum). The delivery of your umbrella purchase will be fast and careful. Our cane umbrellas are sent in boxes specially designed to take up as little space as possible in an ecological perspective.

Customise your cane umbrella

Do you want to have a unique umbrella that looks like you? H2O Umbrellas offers you the possibility to personalise your cane umbrella by making a personalised embroidery on your umbrella model. Whether it is with patterns or with a classic canvas (red, blue, green, black...), customising your umbrella will allow you to have a unique and original model.

An automatic or manual cane umbrella

Both classic and modern, the cane umbrella is an essential fashion accessory. Each cane umbrella offered by H2O Umbrellas has an opening and closing system that is resistant to the many uses of daily life. Traditional" men and women will prefer a "manual" umbrella with an old-fashioned opening and closing system, in the pure tradition of the cane umbrella. People looking for a modern umbrella will prefer automatic opening systems. Whatever the opening and closing system of the cane umbrella, all models of cane umbrellas from the French brand H2O Umbrellas are guaranteed for life.

A cane umbrella as a business gift

Are you looking for an original idea for a business gift? Why not opt for a personalised cane umbrella? The cane umbrellas from the French brand H2O Umbrellas are both stylish and resistant. H2O Umbrellas offers professionals the possibility of personalising their cane umbrellas. Don't hesitate to ask our team for an estimate for a customisation. Integrate your logo on an umbrella with a black canvas, for example, accompanied by a custom embroidery. Our cane umbrellas are all guaranteed for life, which demonstrates the quality and know-how of our seamstresses. In addition to your embroidery, you can also request a wooden or leather handle. What could be better than offering a quality French product, guaranteed for life, to your customers? This corporate gift will show your customers and/or employees that you are committed to the long term.

French umbrella factory with EPV label

H2O Umbrellas, a French umbrella manufacturer, is a certified Living Heritage Company. This certification is the result of hard work in preserving a unique French know-how and in designing excellent products. H2O Umbrellas manufactures French umbrellas with a lifetime guarantee. Buying a top-of-the-range H2O Umbrellas umbrella for the price of peace of mind means making the choice to buy a French product that contributes to the local economy and to the preservation of French know-how.