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€95.00 - €249.00


The walking umbrella by H2O Parapluies

The walking umbrella represents the most classic umbrella format. It allows you to let your imagination run wild and comes in many models that make it much more than simply "classic".

The main characteristics of the walking umbrella

The walking umbrella has 8 strong hardened steel ribs and a wooden mast topped with a curved wooden or resin handle. This type of umbrella measures 1 meter in diameter when unfolded, providing optimal coverage against the rain for one person.

What is the walking umbrella reommended for ?

It is perfect for city trips, it will also be particularly suitable for your trips alone or in pairs. Classic in size, it is ideal for men and women and perfectly suited to modern life.

A guaranteed French-made walking umbrella

Here you will only find walking umbrellas entirely made in France, in the Normandy workshop of H2O Parapluies. Made in the heart of Normandy by the experienced hands of the umbrella craftsmen of H2O Parapluies, your walking umbrella is thus handmade according to models drawn within the framework of a unique know-how and from rigorously selected materials, assuring you an exceptional product quality, an irreproachable finish and guaranteed for life.