Children's Umbrellas

The children's umbrella by H2O Umbrellas

The H2O Parapluies child umbrella is a strong umbrella made in France. These exceptional umbrellas are designed for children from 3 to 6 years old. Their size and function are perfectly adapted to children. H2O Parapluies makes every effort to design quality umbrellas that are resistant to multiple handling by children. H2O's colourful French umbrellas are designed with durability in mind. H2O Parapluies can therefore be passed on to grandchildren without any problems. Children also need protection from the rain. And for them it is also a game. Why not give them the most beautiful children's umbrella?

A quality children's umbrella designed for the little ones

The H2O junior umbrella is an umbrella made in France for children and pre-teens from 6 to 10 years. Children and pre-teens also deserve their own umbrella, but with an adapted size and style. There is no question of using a child's umbrella, which is too small, or an adult's umbrella, which is too big. These junior umbrellas represent a real alternative between the world of children and the world of adults, in terms of styles and sizes. H2O Umbrellas allows you to purchase a top of the range umbrella with multiple choices of colours and handles. H2O Umbrellas can be personalised at will, allowing you to offer a unique umbrella for your child through embroidery. Let your imagination run wild by embroidering your child's initials or first name on their H2O umbrella. Guaranteed for life, the H2O umbrella can be used by your grandchildren.

Exceptional umbrellas for young and old

Every H2O Parapluies child's umbrella is designed and handmade in France, in our workshop in Normandy. Whether it's a boy's umbrella or a girl's umbrella, H2O Parapluies children's umbrellas have been designed to be suitable for the youngest children, with a small size and a cheerful, colourful style to please as many people as possible. Make rainy days a joyful time for your children with the durable children's umbrellas from the French brand H2O Parapluies. The Normandy umbrellas are all without exception guaranteed for life. This guarantee of quality allows the French umbrella manufacturer to show everyone that H2O's top-of-the-range umbrellas are products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

A junior umbrella designed for older children

Made in France, in the H2O Parapluies workshop in Crépon (Calvados), H2O umbrellas benefit from the know-how of experienced craftsmen. Each umbrella that leaves the workshop is carefully checked to ensure that it is of the highest design quality. This is done through a process of meticulous steps starting with the selection of the umbrella's constituent parts. Each seamstress performs specific tasks with great care to ensure that the final result is perfect. All of H2O Parapluies' children's and adult umbrellas are designed to fit every type of person. At H2O Parapluies, children and adults are sure to find the umbrella of their dreams, guaranteed for life.