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The large umbrella by H2O Parapluies

The large umbrella is otherwise known as a half-golf umbrella, which is an umbrella smaller than its big brother, the golf umbrella. H2O Parapluies offers a wide range of original and robust large umbrellas. The half-golf umbrellas of the French brand H2O are all, without exception, manufactured in the Crépon workshop, located near Arromanches-Les-Bains. A real tourist attraction in Normandy, the high-end umbrella store H2O Parapluies designs a wide range of umbrellas, from mini umbrellas to large golf umbrellas.

A large umbrella with many uses

The large umbrella is perfect for all your travels whether you are alone or with a partner. With its classic size, the large umbrella is ideal for the modern man. This large French umbrella adopts all kinds of styles thanks to the variety of models offered by H2O Parapluies. This top of the range French umbrella model is the perfect compromise between practicality and elegance. Modern and original, the large umbrella is mounted on a wooden pole and has a curved maple wood handle. Customizable at will, the large H2O Parapluies can become unique umbrellas through custom embroidery. Brand your H2O Parapluies with your initials or first name to make your large umbrella exceptional.

A large French umbrella signed H2O Parapluies

With an unfolded diameter of 1.10 m and sturdy hardened steel ribs of 67 cm in length, the large umbrella is slightly smaller than the golf umbrella. With a diameter of 110 cm, the H2O large umbrella is also larger than its little brother, the long umbrella. H2O Parapluies offers a variety of umbrellas, each different and unique from the other. All of these top-of-the-line umbrellas offer perfect protection on rainy days as well as impeccable resistance to moderate wind speeds.

A large umbrella "made in France

Each large umbrella that you can find in the H2O Parapluies store is made in France, from its design to its assembly. H2O Parapluies has a workshop in Normandy, located in the town of Crépon, near Bayeux. The manufacturer of exceptional umbrellas H2O designs original models of large umbrellas and then assembles them according to a unique process that you can discover by visiting its workshop of luxury umbrellas. By purchasing a large H2O Parapluies, you are guaranteed to have a top-of-the-line French umbrella of great quality, carefully crafted by experienced Norman seamstresses. The whole range of H2O Parapluies is guaranteed for life.