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The large umbrella by H2O Parapluies

The large umbrella is also referred to as the half size Golf umbrella, meaning an umbrella smaller in size than its big brother, the Golf umbrella. This umbrella is also originally associated with the practice of golf, as its name suggests.

The characteristics of the large umbrella

The large umbrella is therefore slightly smaller than the Golf umbrella, with an unfolded diameter of 1.10 m and sturdy, hardened steel ribs 67 cm in length. It is also slightly larger than the walking umbrella, with a diameter of 100 cm.

What is the large umbrella recommended for ?

The large umbrella is perfect for city trips, it will also be particularly suitable for your trips alone or in pairs. Classic in size, it is ideal for men and perfectly suited to modern life. It adopts all kinds of styles thanks to the variety of models offered by H2O Parapluies.

A large umbrella "made in France"

Each large umbrella that you can find on this page, like all the other umbrellas on this site, is made in France, from its design to its artisanal assembly. H2O Parapluies has a Normandy workshop, located in the town of Crépon, near Bayeux, and designs its original models of large umbrellas then assembles them according to a unique process that you can discover here. By purchasing a large H2O umbrella, you are therefore guaranteed a high quality umbrella, carefully crafted and guaranteed for life.