The anti-turnover umbrella by H2O Umbrellas

Rain is often accompanied by wind and it becomes all the more necessary to be able to protect oneself effectively, which is made possible with the anti-turnover umbrella. This windproof umbrella named Passvent is a creation of H2O Umbrellas, manufacturer of umbrellas for several decades. The know-how combined with the experience of the seamstresses made it possible to design this windproof umbrella. The Passvent is a real innovation in the world of French umbrellas. The made in France umbrella manufacturer has designed a top of the range umbrella that is both elegant and windproof. Guaranteed for life, all French umbrellas designed by the French brand H2O Parapluies are part of a sustainable and eco-responsible approach. Buying a H2O luxury umbrella will allow you to participate in the conservation of a French know-how in perdition.

The innovative and elegant design of the storm umbrella

The technical design of the storm umbrella also gives it a unique, refined style due to the overlapping of the two waterproof fabric parts. The classic lower part of the storm umbrella is complemented by the upper part, which takes the form of a second umbrella with rounded edges finished with a bias that can be tone-on-tone or contrasting for added originality, depending on the model. This specific shape allows H2O Parapluies' designers to imagine all sorts of models of anti-rollover umbrellas with varied designs, playing with different fabric colours and original or sober prints, according to the seasons, trends and the team's ideas.

The efficiency of the H2O Umbrella windproof umbrella

Thanks to an ingenious system invented in the H2O Parapluies workshop, the windproof umbrella allows gusts of wind to flow into the umbrella without damage and minimises the wind's hold on the umbrella. The designers of H2O Umbrellas have therefore imagined placing an area of fabric allowing the ventilation of the umbrella, made of tulle, and the watertightness is then guaranteed by a fabric cap coordinated with the umbrella, sewn onto the upper part of the anti-burst umbrella. In this way, the air can pass through the interior of the umbrella without turning it upside down and avoiding too much pressure on the ribs.

Treat yourself to a unique and customizable rollover protection umbrella

Are you looking for a unique and customisable rollover umbrella? The French umbrella manufacturer H2O Parapluies designs unique and fully customisable luxury umbrellas. Personalise your French umbrella by selecting your own umbrella handle from a wide range of leather, bamboo and carved wood designs (with a dog's head, duck's head, etc.) as well as by making a unique embroidery. Write your initials or your first name and surname on your Passvent umbrella. The personalisation of your luxury umbrella will allow you to have a unique French umbrella in the world.