Umbrella accessories by H2O Umbrellas

Are you looking for a unique umbrella? An umbrella that looks like you created it? Look no further, H2O Umbrellas has the solution for you. Let yourself be tempted by the collection of umbrella accessories! H2O Umbrellas offers you its range of umbrella handles as well as its range of luxury umbrella bags. Accessorise your umbrella to add that little something that will make it exceptional and irreplaceable. With its shoulder strap, the umbrella bag allows you to walk around lightly. Suitable for a modern urban lifestyle, you can carry it on your shoulder or on your back. H2O products have been developed and tested to withstand demanding weather conditions.

Customisable umbrella accessories

Create the umbrella of your dreams through customisation! Embroider what inspires you on your customisable umbrella, then decorate it with a beautiful umbrella handle that you choose from all our models. Finally, protect it with our sumptuous umbrella bags. H2O Umbrellas bags are 100% customizable, you can choose the colour of the inner leather, the outer leather and the stitching. Personalise your umbrella with our accessories and you are guaranteed a refined and harmonious look. Thanks to our mastery of umbrella manufacturing techniques, different models, different types of mechanisms, a multitude of textures, fabrics and colours, each umbrella can become a rare and unique piece in the world.

Made in France to enhance your high-end umbrella

H2O Parapluies, manufacturer of made in France umbrellas since 1994, whose values are based on artisanal quality and authenticity, creates each umbrella in its production workshop located in Crépon, between Bayeux and Caen. It is here that our French umbrella craftsmen express themselves, thanks to the know-how they have acquired over the years and the weather. All H2O Parapluies luxury umbrellas are handmade and made with carefully selected raw materials for a result of exceptional quality. Handcrafted umbrellas in France are very rare these days, H2O Parapluies is one of the last umbrella factories to make its own products.

Quality guaranteed for life for your French umbrella

H2O Parapluies' made in France products are the epitome of craftsmanship. Our umbrellas and accessories are designed to accompany you for many years. Because we produce quality and trust our products, H2O Parapluies offers a lifetime guarantee on all its products. Because of its guarantee and longevity, H2O umbrellas become transferable goods, and thus family heirlooms that can be passed on from generation to generation. In order to be as responsive as possible to our customers' requests, an organisation dedicated to the management and follow-up of damaged products has been set up.